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PT. IDPAY ASIA JAYA is a provider of biometric and software based hardware products that can be integrated with various systems. We provide solutions in the use of electronic ID cards that are more effective and secure for various registration, validation and transaction needs.

  • The manufacturer has several factories in China and an assembly warehouse in Indonesia.
  • Experienced as a provider of smartcard reader for various industrial sector, both private and government sector.
  • Provide flexible business model choices and other advantages in after sales.

Generally, the products manufactured from our factories have been implemented in various places and countries in the world, with industrial grade standards that are monitored for quality by the relevant countries, so there is no doubt for their durability.


We have a competent and reliable after-sales service team, with full support from the direct manufacturer for conditions that require advanced handling.

24/7 Communicative Customer Service

In accordance with our commitment to providing superior and professional service, we ensure that any information you need is served immediately by simply contacting our team.

Maintenance & System Update

Application support and maintenance services are aimed at ensuring that applications are highly available, reliable and stay relevant to current business needs.

Trained Repair Team & Excellent After Sales Support

Technicians with various experiences and technical backgrounds giving fast and reliable support in after-sales services.


We provide and develop various types of smartcard readers and biometric devices in accordance with the latest technological developments to simplify your business.

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  • Smartcard Reader
  • Kiosk
  • Biometric


PC Integrated Smartcard Reader


2021 Compact Design Smartcard Reader


2-Sides Verification Portable Desktop


Multifunction Passport Reader Desktop


Android Handheld Smartcard Reader


Smartcard Reader w/ Smartphone Function


Handheld Smart POS


Automated Population Doc Printing Machine

Smart Kiosk K1.0

Smart Transaction Terminal


Law Enforcement Surveillance


IR Thermal CCTV


Car Plate Detection

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What do they say about IDPAY? Here are some collections of testimonials from IDPAY customers.
Actually we have more than 100++ testimonials from IDPAY customers, but due to limited space on the website page, we picked some randomly.

Proses validasi data lebih cepat dan praktis sejak kami menggunakan ABAKA H02.

ADIRA Finance


ABAKA lebih sekedar dari mesin absensi bagi kami. Alat ini sangat multifungsi dan mendukung program paperless kami.



Nasabah merasa puas karena beberapa pelayanan kami kini lebih cepat dan dapat kami lakukan dimana saja.

Bank DBS


Terima kasih atas kerjasama dan pelayanan totalitas dari IDPAY.

Bank CIMB Niaga


Kami menggunakan 2 model ABAKA, performa keduanya benar-benar mantap!

Bank Jateng


Focus Area

Biometric & Image Processing

Face recognition, attendance and identity
verification systems is the main focus in the field
Biometric and Image Processing. Development
with the technology is also done for identify on
the license plate of the vehicle.

Big Data

The use of big data in integrated systems, thus enriching existing data and assist in decision making for company.

Internet of Things

The use of sensors in various uses, such as for survey activities and other control needs based on internet network technology.


Here are some government and private agencies that have collaborated and used our devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As an identity scanner as well as proving its authenticity by matching the scan results with data previously stored in the database.

  • All cards embedded with the chip contain personal information on it, such as KTP (Kartu Tanda Penduduk), SIM (Surat Ijin Mengemudi).

  • Yes. We produce devices like to run on various platforms and our team will help so that our devices can make existing systems more leverage.

  • The accuracy of the results reaches 99%, so by using this smartcard reader you can minimize data falsification.

  • Our team will help with the installation and how to use it either by live training or online.

  • We always do quality control for the devices to be sent, but if there is a production failure we will provide a unit exchange guarantee.

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